Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Going Forward

It's been almost ten years since I began this project. So much has changed in those years! What began as a spiritual discipline and a writing/storytelling exercise has become a resource that I've drawn on time and time again. I've been published, I've told stories professionally, and I've tried to follow the Spirit's guidance (and the inspirational lives of those about whom I've written who blow like pennants in the wind of the Spirit and point toward Jesus) in ministry through an intentional, Christian community devoted to hospitality, prayer, a shared life, and grassroots community development.

I've recently self-published a book that includes a handful of the stories hosted here. You can find it at Amazon if you're so inclined.

I won't be continuing to republish the many stories that are here, though the calendar function certainly allows you to go and find previous copies of the stories.

You can find other things I've written by searching Amazon for my name (Joshua Hearne) and by going to websites like RedLetterChristians, Fresh Expressions US, FaithLab, Third Chance Ministries (my org), and Grace and Main Fellowship (my community).

Thanks for everything.